Agriculture does not solely focus on the way we sustain and nourish ourselves. In its most expansive form, it embodies a bridge for our communities as a fundamental strategy for learning, growing, and evolving together. It is in the words of sister, farmer Fannie Lou Hamer, “praise the bridges that carried us over”, that we base the inaugural R.E.A.L. Conference as a space for people to build bridges over obstacles and acknowledge the stories and legacy that helped us bloom. Despite divides such as rural/urban, young/old, traditional/conventional this space is intended to be a unifier, a bridge between uniting farmers, growers, food justice activists, scholars, and community leaders to learn. 

As a way to bridge the divide, each track of the conference focuses on elements that can be brought together for the growth of ourselves and our communities to build more equitable food networks.

Date and Location: Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6th at Trinity Family Life Center 3601 Dill Rd, Richmond, VA 23222 

Deadlines: Please submit your application for proposal by Monday, October 17th